Shipping questions...

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Is Shipping really free?

Yes.  Shipping is free unless you require express shipping.


Will my package have a tracking number?

If you are ordering an original painting or a print on canvas, your package will have a tracking number. Otherwise there will not be a tracking number.


What if I want a tracking number for my package that is not an original painting or a print on canvas?

Please select express shipping at checkout if you require a tracking number for an order that does not contain an original painting or a print on canvas. There will be an extra fee for this service.


Can I receive my package faster?

You can select express shipping at checkout if you would like your package sooner than the 3-9 business days delivery from Canada Post.  Please allow up to 7 days for order processing before package is shipped.  There will be an extra fee for express shipping.


Do you ship to my country?

I am currently shipping to Canada and USA only.


What is your return policy?

 All sales are final.  


What if my package arrives damaged?

 All sales are final.  Packages are shipped at the buyer's risk.  I do my very best to package your package with extreme care. If your package arrives damaged, a clear picture of the damage must be sent to sherirobertsonart@gmail on the day of arrival.  At that point I will assess the problem and determine whether or not there is a suitable solution.


Do I have to pay GST?  

GST is included in all listed prices.  No guess work!  



 More interesting stuff...


What surface is an original pastel painting done on?

I do all my pastel paintings on pastel paper.


Why is it called a pastel painting if there is no paint?

Good question!  I've heard  if you cover the entire paper with pastel, it can be called a painting, and if you only cover part of the paper then it can be called a drawing.  Also, something about hard edges vs. soft, or whatever the artist chooses?  Huh?   I have chosen to use the word painting because it seems to be most common.


Will my original painting have a frame and glass?

All original paintings will come in a frame with glass. Glass is there to protect the pastel painting, and it looks nice too! 

If you would like to skip the frame and glass I provide and do your own framing, please contact me at sherirobertsonart@gmail.com


Can I touch a pastel painting?

No.  I  use a fixative to protect the painting however, you can still  damage it by touching it.  Good thing the glass is there so there is no temptation!


Can I display my painting or print in sunlight?

It is not a good idea.  Over time there could be sun damage caused to the print or painting. 


What kind of paper will my print be on?

All prints are done in high quality on fine art paper.


What's the difference between a print and a giclee?

A giclee is printed with pigment based inks where as a print uses ink which is more like a dye.  There is no significant fading in pigment based inks.  It's lifespan is 100 - 200 years.  Giclees are produced with at least 10 different colors.


Do you do commissions?

Yes.  Please contact me at sherirobertsonart@gmail.com  so we can discuss the possibilities.  There will be a deposit required.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I really enjoy getting out with my camera and try to capture a good photo.  I create my work by choosing a reference photo that makes me feel excited and perhaps even warm and fuzzy inside.  I also have some photography friends who have sold me their wonderful photos as well. Thank goodness!


How long does it take you to create?

It depends.  Smaller 5X7's can take up to two weeks, and 8X10's or  can take up to a month.  I have a fulltime job as well.  


Didn't answer your question(s)?

Please contact me at sherirobertsonart@gmail.com.  I would love to answer your question(s).